We shape your dreams. Since 1973

For more than fifty years Corplast has been a stable presence and point of reference for those who produce high quality footwear and fashion accessories in the world.

Born in the Marche region, in one of the most important footwear districts in the world, Corplast has established its presence in the main world markets through constant listening to the customer and attention to detail, guaranteeing quality in all internal production phases, from design until the finished product.

Ours is an Italian story.
We were born in the Marche: a modest and rural area where the peasant tradition has been able to confer a community spirit and shape the nascent generation of footwear entrepreneurs, educating them to conquer – and not to wait for – opportunities, through the passion for what is created, the hard work and the desire to always get involved.

Even today we define ourselves as a “large” medium-size family business, where everyone’s flexible skills allow us to be competitive and attentive to customer needs.
Our strong point.


The evolution of the market over the years has brought us new production and quality challenges to face, pushing us to explore more versatile solutions in line with customer expectations.

We specialize in the injection molding of TPR, TPU and EVA soles and boast full control of all pre- and post-production phases through our dedicated departments.

This organizational uniqueness of ours allows us to safeguard the intellectual property of the major fashion brands, while maintaining – at the same time – full control over the management times of projects and production orders.